Sound Chemistry’s goal is to facilitate the free flow of ideas within an organised structure. The idea is firstly to establish a sense of trust between participants after which they can self organise to discuss current challenges, new opportunities, and potential collaborations in small groups, relying on guided discussion rather than rigid moderation.

The programme is deliberately relaxed and includes six breakout session that can be used flexibly to host roundtables, show off demos, share prototypes, and organise small hack sessions.

Any suggestions/feedback (e.g. via email to on the tentative workshop programme below would be greatly appreciated.


We’ll be trialing a new fast-paced format that includes the following activities.

Research introductions

Each participant has a 10 minutes to present three slides about themselves (download presentation template):

  1. Who am I? Possibly about your background, trajectory, maybe research dreams?
  2. What do I do? Past, present, future projects. Research challenges, especially current or anticipated.
  3. Why? What you would like to take away from the workshop. Projects

In the following 5 minutes, the roles are reversed and the audience have an opportunity to pitch ideas, suggest potential collaborators (including themselves), etc. to the speaker.


There will be time for 1–2 hours of demos. These provide an opportunity to show off something that you have been working on and allow everyone to see/interact with/tinker with it.

Thursday 7th March

Spaces booked for Thursday:

  • ARC 224 (capacity 10): 10:30–16:00
  • ARC 244 (capacity 8): 9:00–17:00
Tea/coffee and pastriesARC Rooms 224, 24410:00–10:30
Research introductions 1 (10 mins + 5 mins discussion each)ARC Room 22410:30–11:30
ARC Level 5 tourARC Level 511:30–12:00
Catered lunchARC Rooms 224, 24412:00–13:00
Research introductions 2 (10 mins + 5 min discussion each)ARC Room 22413:00–14:00
Demos, pitches, brainstormingARC Room 22414:00–15:00
Tea/coffee breakARC Rooms 224, 24415:00–15:30
Breakout session 1aARC Room 22415:30–17:00
Breakout session 1bARC Room 24415:30–17:00
Conference dinnerMosob restaurant
56 Dundas St, Glasgow G1 2AQ
* For anyone who would like to walk, we are setting off at 18:30 from the Grosvenor Hotel; otherwise the restaurant is a 10–15 min taxi journey/subway ride from the West End.

Friday 8th March*

Spaces booked for Friday:

  • ARC 224 (capacity 10): 9:00–15:00
  • ARC 225 (capacity 16): 9:00–15:00
Tea/coffee and pastriesARC Room 2259:30–10:00
Demos, pitches, brainstormingARC Room 22510:00–11:00
Breakout session 2aARC Room 22411:00–12:00
Breakout session 2bARC Room 22511:00–12:00
Catered lunchARC Room 22512:00–13:00
Afternoon flexi session*
Breakout session 3aARC Room 22413:00–14:00
Breakout session 3bARC Room 22513:00–14:00
Tea/coffee breakARC Room 22514:00–14:30
Closing remarksARC Room 22514:30–15:00
Unofficial end of workshop15:00
* The afternoon session is flexible so attendees can depart whenever best suited to their onward travel plans.